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  About PSSM  
  Formed in 1979, the Malaysian Social Science Association (MSSA) aims to develop and promote social science education and research.

The Association's activities include organising forums, seminars and conferences; publishing books as well as disseminating and spreading information through our newsletter Berita PSSM. Besides continuing with the above activities, the Association hopes in the future to increase its publications so as to encourage the development of the social sciences in the region.

MSSA welcomes new members from all groups - students, academicians, non-academicians, professionals, etc., both in Malaysia and abroad.

  President Abdul Rahman Embong    
  Deputy President Mohd Hazim Shah    
  Vice-Presidents Diana Wong    
  Saliha Haji Hassan    
  Wan Zawawi Ibrahim    
  Secretary Rashila Ramli    
  Assistant Secretary Lai Ngan Yin    
  Treasurer Sity Daud    
  Committee Members Rahim Zain    
  Wong Soak Koon    
  Madeline Berma    
  Asnarulkhadi Abu Samah    
  Sarjit Singh Gill    
  Lee Yok Fee    
  Zatul Himmah Adnan    
  To join PSSM, please fill in membership form and send it to