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International Linkage


AsiaSource has been developed by the Asia Society to meet the need for timely, reliable, unbiased information and assistance regarding the cultural, economic, social, historical, and political dimensions of Asia ...More | AsianSource website

The Clash of Civilizations Revisited
From Al-Ahram Weekly, April 2004 ...More

The Significance of September 11
By Dr Lee Poh Ping ...More

Prominent Western social scientists write on the September 11 Incident
Social Science Research Council of America ....More


Interview with Joseph Stiglitz
From The New Internationalist, March 2004 ...More

Post-Autistic Economics Network ...More

Smart Globalisation ...More

The World Bank and the IMF ...More

Economist Samir Amin writes on Globalization
Al-Ahram Weekly, 30 Dec 1999 - 5 Jan 2000 ...More

Joseph Stiglitz criticises IMF policies (I)
From: Dollars and Sense magazine ...More

Joseph Stiglitz criticises IMF policies (II)
From: The Whirled Bank Group (satirical website) ...More

Stiglitz is silenced
Salon, May 2, 2000 ...More

The Whirled Bank Group (SATIRE) ...More


Society and Culture

How People Actually Behave During Natural Disasters ...More

The technological challenge
Al-Ahram Weekly, 14-20 Oct 1999
By Mohamed Sid-Ahmed ...More

Arguing the World
Interesting article and series on American intellectuals
U.S. Public Television, 1997 ...More

Towards a Reformation of Islam From Within
Book Review by Dr Farish Noor ...More

From Labour Internationalism to Global Solidarity
Peter Waterman reflects on his forthcoming book and his internationalist itinerary ...More

Newsletter of the Fernand Braudel Center, State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton ...More

REASON: Logic & Logical Fallacies
A fallacy is a false argument or belief ...More

Online image database

The Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology (KITLV) in the Netherlands has made available an online image database which currently has a total of 19,727 images (mainly photographs) ...More


Useful Terms To assist you in understanding your authors or writing a paper ...More

Fear of Flying ...More


Link to Great Websites ...More