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Papers from the 4th International Malaysian Studies Conference
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Bangi, Malaysia
AUGUST 3 - 5, 2004
Note: not all the papers listed are available online
Tuesday (3/8/04 )

Prof Dr Medhi Korngkaew
Why is Income Inequality so High in Thailand?


UUM Panel on Malaysian General Election of 2004

(Co-chairs: Ahmad Fawzy Mohd Basri and Abdul Rahman Aziz. Discussant: Johan Saravanamuttu)

Che Su Mustafa
Profiles of the Respondents and the Research Methodology (Powerpoint file)

Mohd Sobhi Ishak
Interpreting the Undecided Respondents in the 2004 General Election

Zaherudin Othman
Grassroots Reactions to the Voting Outcomes

Mansor Mohd Noor
Theoretical Discourses: Political Culture, Ethnicity and New Politics

  Civil Society, Culture and Media

(Chair and Discussant: Wan Zawawi Ibrahim)

Maila Stivens
Work, Life and Balance: Cultural Contestations Around "Public" and "Private"

Tim Bunnell
Reconfiguring the Political (from) Beyond the West

Tan Lee Ooi
The Emerging Virtual Civil Society in Malaysia: A First Glance

  Ethnicity and Identity

(Chair and Discussant: Wan Zawawi Ibrahim)

Sarjit S. Gill
Penglibatan Orang Sikh Dalam Pasukan Constabulari Bersenjata Borneo Utara

Mohamad Fauzi Sukimi
Carok Sebagai Elemen Identiti Manusia Madura

Marsita Mohd Radzi
Suara Hati Migran

Ahmad Rizal Mohd Yusoff
Melayu dan Kemelayuan di Alam Siber

Public Policy

(Chair and Discussant: Zarina Othman)

Anisah Che Ngah
The Rights of Patients in the Malaysian Healthcare System

Wee Chong Hui
Public Finance in Sarawak

Sity Daud
Social Safety Nets in Malaysia After the Asian Financial Crisis
  Politics and Theory

(Chair and Discussant: Mohd Hazim Shah)

Chong Eu Choong
Thinking with Foucault

Yufu Iguchi
"Plural Society" Reconsidered

Carolina Lopez
Ideological-Structural Analysis Micro and Macro Theory of Intercivilizational Dialogue

Russli Kamarudin
Pendekatan Falsafah Politik al-Ghazzali
  Media, Culture and Power in Malaysia: Popular Culture

(Chair and Discussant: Yeoh Seng Guan)

Khoo Gaik Cheng
Through Our Own Eyes: Independent Documentary Film-Making in Malaysia

Chin Hsien Hui
The Construction of Images and Identities of Popular Singers

Wang Lay Kim
Consumers, Citizens and Copycat Television in Malaysia
Gender and Human Rights

(Chair and Discussant: Saliha Hassan)

Sharon Bong
Politicising Spirituality

Anna Spiegel
Negotiating Development: Translocal Gendered Spaces in Muslim Societies

Carolina Lopez
Human Rights Narratives and Contestations in Malaysia

Teh Yik Koon
Our Female Prisoners
  International Relations

(Chair and Discussant: Sharifah Munirah Alatas)

Rosyidah Muhamad
Malaysia-US Relations

John Tribbett
The Acehnese Refugee in Malaysia

Zatul Himmah
Isu Palestin dari Perspektif Malaysia
  Politics and Leadership

(Chair and Discussant: Francis Loh)

Meredith Weiss
Still With the People? The Checkered Path of Student Activism in Malaysia

Deborah Johnson
Intellectual Statesmanship in the Mahathir Era

Helen Ting
Khatijah Sidek and Tan Sri Fatimah Hashim

Arnold Puyok and Jurin Gunsalam
Political Change and Economic Development of the Kadazandusuns of Sabah, East Malaysia

Education for Science and Technology

(Chair and Discussant: Abdul Rahman Embong)

Sharifah Zarina
Reform in the Malaysian Science Education System: A Comparison with Japan

Khalijah Mohd Salleh
Non-formal Education by Science Centres

Lilia Halim
Science Dropouts

Andrew Kam Jia Yi and Tham Siew Yean
The Demand and Supply of S & T Graduates in Malaysia

  Japanese Occupation in Malaya and Singapore

(Chair and Discussant: Oong Hak Ching)

Yoji Akashi
Chosabu Activities of the Japanese Military Administration in Occupied Malaya/Syonan, 1942-1945

Soda Naoki
Nationalizing Colonial Knowledge: Ibrahim Haji Yaacob and His Pan-Malay Nationalism

Satochi Masutani
Japanese Research on Chinese Massacres in Malaya and Singapore

  Economy and Globalisation

(Chair and Discussant: Ragayah Mat Zin)

Saadiah Mohamad, Merouane Lakehal-Ayat and Siti Ayu Jalil
Pegging Amidst the Floaters: Post-Crisis Exchange Rate Policy in Malaysia vis-à-vis the Neighbours'

Tonatiuh Najera
The Effects of Globalization on Industrialization: A Comparative Analysis of Mexican Maquiladoras and Malaysian Kilang: Insights into Electrical and Electronics Exports

Chung Tsung Ping
The Returns to Education Over Time: The Malaysian Outlook, 1984-1997

Norinah Mohd Ali
Warganegara Asing dan Kemiskinan di Malaysia
Wednesday ( 4/8/04 )
Prof Dr Anthony Reid
Cosmopolitan and Nation in a Plural Peninsula
IKMAS Panel on Transnational Religion, Migration and Diversity

(Chair and Discussant: Yeoh Seng Guan)

Diana Wong
Transnational Religion and Migration: Mapping the Terrain

Sumit Mandal
Popular Sites of Prayer, Transnational Migration and Cultural Diversity: Charting the Locations and Significance of Keramat in Southeast Asia

Noraini Othman
The Circulation of Islamic Concepts and Practices

Patricia Martinez
Deconstructing the Transnational "Islamic State"
  Politics of Sarawak

(Chair and Discussant: Bridget Welsh)

James Chin
Sore Losers

Faisal Syam
Explaining Sarawak Malay Electoral Behaviour

Andrew Aeria
Business and Politics in Sarawak

Jayum Jawan
Divide and Rule: Politics of Underdevelopment Among the Ibans/Dayaks

Ahmad Nizar Yakub
Malay/Melanau Women in Sarawak Politics
  SMEs and Entrepreneurial Development

(Chair and Discussant: Tham Siew Yean)

Chin Yee Whah
Penang SMEs and Globalization: Crisis, Accommodation and Challenges

Nanthakumar a/l Loganathan et al.
Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana (PKS): Kajian Kes Zon Pesisir Pantai Semenanjung Malaysia (pdf file)

Lilia Halim & Nor Aishah Buang
Entrepreneurial Science, Scientist Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Scientists

Mohmad Adnan Alias & Nik Mutasim Abd Rahman
Employee Involvement in Malaysia Issues and Challenges: A Case of Employee Share Option Scheme
Terengganu Dalam Perubahan

(Chair and Discussant: Mansor Mohd Noor)

Nor Hayati Sa'at
Ciri Sosiobudaya Golongan Profesional Melayu Terengganu

Roseliza Mat Alipiah
Eko-pelancongan dan Perbelanjaan Eko-pelancongan di Pulau Redang

Roshanim Koris
Komuniti Pulau, Kemiskinan dan Impak Pelancongan: Kajian Kes di Pulau Redang

Zuraini Anang
Perbankan Islam dan Penerimaannya oleh Masyarakat Terengganu
  IKMAS Panel on Designing Electoral (mis)Management

(Chair and Discussant: John Pang)

Wong Chin Huat
The Election Commission: Administering Irregularities

Ibrahim Suffian
PAS: Negotiating the Uneven Playing Field

Elizabeth Wong
The PJ Selatan Campaign
  Media, Culture and Power in Malaysia : Media Ethics

(Chair and Discussant: Zaharom Naim)

Azman Azwan Azmawati
Journalism Ethics in a Quandary? Reporting of the Noritta Samsuddin and Canny Ong Murders by the Local Print Media

Jaganathan Marimuthu
The Role of the Fourth Estate to Promote Liberal Islam

Erni Rusyani, Taufani C Kurniatun & Fenny Ika Susanty
Multimedia Business Ethics and Popular Cultural Spread Responsibility: A Comparative approach between Indonesia and Malaysia
Literature and Language

(Chair: Michelle Lee, Discussant: Wong Soak Koon)

Arezou Zalipour
Reality Over Imagination in Modern Malaysian Poetry

Zulkifley Hamid
Bahasa Melayu Sebagai Bahasa Penyatu dan Bahasa Pemisah Warga Malaysia

Leong Yaw Kuen
Investigating Sales Negotiation Discourse in a Malaysian Business Context
  Education and Gender

(Chair and Discussant: Rashila Ramli)

Michelle Lunn
Women and Academic Career Progression in Malaysia

Udaya Bhanu
Decision Making by a Woman Academician at the Managerial Level

Zamri Mahamod, Mohamed Amin Embi, Jamaludin Badusah
Perbezaan Gender Dalam Menguasai Strategi Pembelajaran Bahasa
  Gender and Conflict

(Chair: Rashila Ramli, Discussant: Michelle Lee)

Chua Hang Kuen
Role Conflict and Role Adjustment Among Chinese Gay Males in Their Families: A Case Study in Kuala Lumpur and Penang

Arifin Hj Zainal & Choong Lean Keow
Interpersonal Conflict Management Modes Among Malaysian Teacher Trainees of Different Ethnic Groups

Teh Yik Koon
The Male to Female Transsexuals in Malaysia

(Chair and Discussant: Abdul Rahman Embong)

Tsuboi Yuji
The Formation of the Framework of ‘Malays' in British Malaya: An Analysis on Penghulus in Selangor

Shinozaki Kaori
Foundation of the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce in 1903

Oong Hak Ching
Perikatan UMNO-MCA, Konvensi Kebangsaan dan Tuntutan Pilihanraya Persekutuan 1955

Nordin Hussin
Urban Growth and Municipal Development in Colonial Port-town Penang 1786-1830

Ethnic Relations and Identity

(Chair: Norani Othman, Discussant: Sharaad Kuttan)

Ong Puay Liu
Malaysia Dilemma, Malaysian Despair: Engaging in a Discourse on a United Malaysia Nation: Content Analysis of Letters to the Editor column of website 2000-2004

Hew Wai Weng
Chinese Muslim Identities: Debating Cultural Creolization in Malaysia

Eric Thompson
Malaysian Views of the World: A Comparative Analysis of Malay and Chinese Students

Amir Hasan Dawi & Faridah Karim
Bangsa Malaysia: Suatu Realiti dalam Masyarakat yang Berpola

Thursday ( 5/8/04 )

Prof Dr Frances Stewart
Issues Related to Conflict and Horizontal Inequality (Powerpoint file)

Culture and Politics: Changes and Continuities and Gender

(Chair and Discussant: Khoo Kay Jin)

Mustafa Anuar
Goods, ‘Feel Good', and ‘Common Good': The Malaysian Media, Citizenship, Commercialisation and Control

Johan Saravanamuttu
Middle Affectations of a Democratizing Multicultural Malaysian Society

Francis Loh
Developmentalism and Political Stability in Malaysia
  IKMAS Panel on Regionalism and Multilaterialism

(Chair and Discussant: Gan Khuan Poh)

Lee Poh Ping
AFTA and the New Regionalism

Tham Siew Yean
AFTA and the Competitiveness of Malaysian Manufacturing

Rokiah Alavi
WTO,GATS and Social Services
  Media, Culture and Power in Malaysia: New Media

(Chair and Discussant: Wang Lay Kim)

Mustafa Anuar
News Coverage of Malaysia's 11th General Election: the Media Monitors' Experience

Khoo Seok Wah
Media, Internet & Pembinaan Makna oleh Penduduk Kampung Melayu di Semenanjung Malaysia terhadap Peristiwa Anwar Ibrahim, 1998-2000

John Postill
Running Suburbia: New Media and Local Governance in Subang Jaya

Tony Wilson and Clarissa Lee
Perception, Portal and Personal Life-Style: A Reception Study of the Malaysian Star Online
UNPAD Panel on Some Perspective on Indonesia-Malaysia Relationships: An analysis on Governmental Shift from Mahathir Mohamad to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

(Chair and Discussant: )

Aelina Surya
Peranan Indonesia dan Malaysia dalam mengembangkan IMS-GT

Hj. Dr. Rr. Ayu Yudiati
Perbandingan sistem ketatanegaraan antara Malaysia dan Indonesia yang mengalamai reformasi

Yanuar Ikbar
Hubungan Malaysia-Indonesia dalam kaitannya dengan perdagangan atas pencurian kayu illegal (Illegal logging)

Peranan nasional Malaysia sebagai “example” atau panutan di kawasan Asia Tenggara
  Science, Technology and Society: Policy and Practice

(Chair and Discussant: Rokian Alavi)

Mohd. Hazim Shah
The Malaysian Experience in Science and Technology Development and Its Relevance for OIC Countries

K. Thiruchelvan, Zaman Ahmad & Koh Aik Khoon
Attracting Scientific and Technical Talent from Abroad: Lessons for Malaysia

Fethi Ben Jomaa Ahmed
Success of Technology Transfer in Muslim Countries: A Case Study of Malaysia

Czarina Saloma
How Malaysians create cars and information technology products: Specifics of an emerging knowledge society
  Labour and Migration

(Chair and Discussant: Diana Wong)

Michelle Lee
“Like My Own Children”: Cross-Border Motherhood of Filipina Domestic Helpers in Malaysia

Zarina Othman
Human (In)security, Human Trafficking and Security in Malaysia

Mako Yoshimura
Invited or Uninvited? Migrant Workers in Malaysia

Lee Hwok Aun
Flexibilisation of Labour in Malaysia: What Form and to What Extent?

Politics, Business and Development

(Chair and Discussant: Andrew Aeria)

Mohd Aslam & Liew San Yee
Politics and the Stock Market

Ishak Haji Abdul Rahman
Agenda Pembangunan Masyarakat Perdagangan dan Perindustrian Bumiputera (MPPB): Pencapaian 22 Tahun Pemerintahan Mahathir Dalam Melahirkan Usahawan Bumiputera

Lorraine Carlos Salazar
Privatisation, Patronage, and Enterprise Development: The Liberalisation of Telecommunications in Malaysia

Sukrisno Agoes, Anny Nurbasari, Watie Rachmawati & Ratih Hurri Yati
Good Corporate Governance (GCG) Practice in Indonesia and Malaysia


Cham Community and its Migration in Southeast Asia

(Chair and Discussant: Fawzi Ahmad)

Mohd Zain
Overview of the Cham Community and its Migration

Nik Hassan Shuhaimi
Research Approach on the Historical Background of the Kingdom of Champa

Nabir Haji Abdullah
The Economic Situation the Cham Community in Malaysia

Samsu Adabi
The Roles of Numerous Bodies, Institutions and Societies in Malaysia in the Development of the Cham Community in Cambodia


ATMA Panel on Economics and Society

(Chair and Discussant: Shamsul A.B.)

Rohani Abdul Rahim
Understanding Sexual Harassment at Workplace and Legal Demands in Malaysia: An Analysis

Junaidy Abu Bakar
Suara Mangsa – Suatu Persepsi Agensi

Geraldine Chan Kim Leng
Social Organisation and the Business Elite: The Case of Malaysia

Nooraini Md Isa
Taraf Sosioekonomi Kaum Tani: Menyelusuri Kehidupan Penyewa Sawah Padi di Mukim Kepelu, Kedah

IKMAS Panel on Inequality, Poverty and Social Protection: A Comparative Perspective

(Chair and Discussant: Gan Khuan Poh)

Ragayah Mat Zin
Inequality, Poverty and Social Safety Net – The Case of Malaysia (Powerpoint file)

Medhi Krongkaew
Inequality, Poverty and Social Safety Net – The Experience of Thailand

Mako Yoshimura
Social Security System in Japan

Frances Stewart
Alternate Concepts of Poverty: Do They Matter?

  Politics and the Law

(Chair and Discussant: Meredith Weiss)

Marzuki Mohamad
Law and Politics Under Mahathir: Legitimacy, Challenge and Response

Ayame Suzuki
Power and Agreement of Political Regime: Historical Analysis of Politics of Malaysia

Roslina Ismail
Would Muslim Women be Able to Participate in Politics? Perceptions Among the Muslim Men in Terengganu

Religion and Identity

(Chair and Discussant: Norani Othman)

Ibrahim Abu Bakar
Muslim Fundamentalist Theology and its Implication to Muslims and non-Muslims

Timo Kortteinen
Alcohol, Ethnicity and Identity – Religion and Alcohol Consumption in East and West Malaysia

Wan Abdul Rahman Wan Ab. Latif & Kamaruzzaman Yusoff
Kontroversi Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR): Globalisasi, Sekularisasi dan Pendemokrasian Pendidikan

ATMA Panel on Social Issues

(Chair: Wan Zawawi, Discussant: Azmi Aziz)

Badrul Redzuan Abu Hassan
'In-Text-C-8ion': Detoxifying the ‘Opium'

Noor Hasidah Sulong
Ilmu Kolonial: Proses Pensejarahan Yang Membina Kerangka Kolonialisasi Negara

Fatan Hamamah Bt Yahya
Women and HIV Disclosure: An Overview