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The National University of Singapore invites applicants for the above, to be based at the Institute for Asian Research.


The successful candidate will be someone who has a PhD degree in social sciences for example, sociology, psychology, social work, economics, social geography or political science. The applicant should be able to conduct research with definite policy implications for Singapore in the context of developments in Asia.



These are some examples of the range of family research
projects we pursue:

* Family Issues in the context of rapid population ageing
On-going research at NUS aims to provide input into the policy making process by conducting comprehensive studies of the ageing process in Singapore. Some of the areas to be developed are social integration of young and old, financial security for the elderly, family care for the aged, health care for the elderly, declining fertility issues and the value of children.

* Dual-career families and family-work conflict resolution
For studies on the changing roles of women in Asian societies and in Singapore society, a central issue is how to resolve the family-work conflict that many dual-career families experience. In addition, the role of fathers in the parenting process is being examined. Work in this area seeks to inform policy formulation on the family and work-conflict

* Globalization and the family
The Singapore government has recently been promoting regionalization in an effort to maintain Singapore's economic competitiveness in the new global economy. What are the implications for the Singapore family? Policy formulation in this area needs to be guided by research on the impact of globalisation on the Singapore family.

The Postdoctoral Fellow will work with staff in the Family Studies Research Programme with ongoing research in these areas.


The terms and conditions for the Fellowship are as follows:
1. Contract tenable for two years to be awarded on a competitive basis to deserving candidates.

2. A salary of S$3,000 per month. The salary is taxable.

3. A settling-in allowance/travel subsidy of S$2,000, payable once only.

4. An allowance of S$500 per month (token contribution towards accommodation and other expenses).

The allowance is also taxable.

5. Provident fund benefits for Singapore citizens and permanent residents.

6. Holiday leave of 28 days in a calendar year.

7. Medical leave of 15 days per year for outpatient treatment and 60 days if hospitalisation is needed.

8. Three months' notice for termination or payment of three months' salary in lieu of notice. In addition, the Postdoctoral Fellow will be eligible to apply for
conference funding.


The Postdoctoral Fellow will be expected to:

* Participate in joint research projects with NUS staff to support the Family Studies Research Programme.

* Participate in organizing workshops and conferences under the Family Studies Research Programme.

* Give first right of refusal for at least one publication to the Family Studies Research Programme.

* Contribute to the activities of graduate students.

* He/she may participate in some part-time teaching.



Interested applicants should submit the following:
* Curriculum vitae, with complete list of publications
* TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS
(International English Language Testing System) Score Report.

The required scores are: A minimum TOEFL score of 580 for paper-based test; or a minimum ELTS score of 6.0.

* A proposal for research you wish to carry out if awarded the Fellowship to:

The Chairperson,
Family Studies Research Programme
c/o Ms Valerie Yeo, Management Support Officer
Institute for Asian Research
National University of Singapore
AS7, Shaw Foundation Building
Level 4, 5 Arts Link
Singapore 117570
Fax: 65-7791428