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  No other region in the world has captured so much international limelight since the eruption of the 1997-98 financial and economic crisis as Southeast Asia. The severity of the economic, social and political crisis the countries in the region have experienced has undoubtedly been unprecedented since the Second World War. Its complexity has not only perplexed the minds of leaders and scholars, but has also pushed the perimeters of existing economic, social and political theories. It has exposed the serious shortcomings especially of conventional economic wisdom that often circumscribes its analytical framework within nation-states and neglects international political economy and globalisation, thus making a critical re-examination of these theories and approaches an urgent agenda. Written by experts in their own respective fields, Southeast Asia into the Twenty First Century attempts to give an insight into the various facets of the problems and experiences of the ASEAN countries that constitute one of world’s most dynamic regions. It provides a close look at the causes of the economic crisis and the policy responses, including corporate and financial restructuring. At the same time it discusses the political dimensions of the crisis and offers tentative prognoses which try to look beyond the crisis into the future of the region. The book which aims to serve as a record of ‘the thinking of the time’ concerning the crisis which hit the region most badly in 1997-98, is both thought-provoking and well-grounded.  
  ABUDUL RAHMAN EMBONG is an Associate Professor at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University Kebangsaan Malaysia. JURGEN RUDOLPH was the research and programme manager at the Regional Office for East and Southeast Asia of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Singapore.  
  Southeast Asia into the Twenty First Century: Crisis and Beyond · Abdul Rahman Embong & Jurgen Rudolph (eds.) · 2000 · Bangi: Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia · ISBN 967-942-467-7 · 231 pages · RM25.00  
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