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From: "Donald M. Nonini" <dnonini@EMAIL.UNC.EDU>

Reply-To: Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Forum <MSBFORUM@CMUVM.CSV.CMICH.EDU>


Subject: New Group Web Site

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 10:50:59 -0400

Dear MSB Studies Group member,

If you were present at our annual meeting at the AAS in Chicago last month, you will recall that we are creating a new web site for the Studies Group, which can be linked to the AAS home page and we hope eventually, over the medium term, migrate to a new permanent home on the AAS server space. Such a web presence will have many advantages for us.

The proposed new web site for MSB Studies Group could include any of the following kinds of materials. Please help us get this on its way as soon as possible by sending URLs, articles, visuals, and similar materials to our new web person, Bridget Welsh, at as soon as possible, if you have not done so already, along the following lines:

-- announcements of meetings, conferences, fellowships and grants to apply to, panels being organized, calls for papers, etc. with URL links to web sites making these announcements and giving particulars

-- news from members: grants received, new research projects undertaken, books and articles published, etc. with links, as appropriate to publishers' web pages

-- links to web sites of other MSB-related associations, e.g. PSSM/MSSA in Malaysia, the Australian Malaysian Studies Assn., etc.

-- links to publications carrying news on Malaysia, e.g. Far Eastern Economic Review, Malaysiakini, Asian Wall Street Journal

-- links to on-line Malaysian publications, e.g. Utusan Melayu, Nanyang Siangbao, The Star, Straits Times of Singapore, Kwong-wah Jit Poh, etc. carrying current news on Malaysia and Singapore

-- links to official Malaysian government web sites, e.g. the Prime Minister's Office

-- links to Malaysian, Singaporean and Brunei universities web pages, e.g. National University of Singapore, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

-- links to library collections and indices on Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, e.g. the Australian National University Library collections

-- links to Malaysian NGOs, e.g. Aliran, Suaram

-- links to political parties in Malaysia and Singapore

-- contact information (email addresses, personal web sites) for Group officers

-- links to international NGOs covering our countries, e.g. Human Rights Asia

-- a section on the logistics of conducting fieldwork or other in-site research in Malaysia and Singapore with a list of member who might be willing to correspond with others about this

-- photos, pictures, graphics, cartoons, on/of Malaysia especially those produced by members of the Group where there are no copyright problems


Thanks greatly!

Don Nonini

Past Chair, MSB Studies Group, and member of our web site creation committee

Donald M. Nonini

Associate Professor of Anthropology

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3115

Telephone: 919-962-8092, Fax: 919-962-1613