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Congratulatory Message on the Appointments of PSSM Members to UN Posts | 7 May 2005
Persatuan Sains Sosial Malaysia (PSSM) would like to extend its warmest congratulations to two of its life-members for their recent appointments to prestigious positions at the United Nations. ...More

Statement by the President of the Malaysian Social Science Association on the US-led War of Aggression Against Iraq | 20 March 2003

This morning at the break of dawn in Baghdad (about 10.25 am Malaysian time), the Bush Administration launched massive air and missile strikes against Iraq . This was followed by subsequent waves of bombings on Baghdad and air and ground assaults into southern Iraq by both American and British forces, signalling the initial phase of a war promised by the US Defence Secretary, to be of a scale “that has never before been seen”. ...More
Pernyataan Presiden Persatuan Sains Social Malaysia Mengenai Perang Pencerobohan Amerika Syarikat ke atas Iraq | 20 Mac 2003
Pada saat menjelang fajar hari ini di Baghdad (kira-kira jam 10.25 pagi waktu Malaysia), Pentadbiran Bush melancarkan serangan udara dan peluru berpandu secara besar-besaran ke atas Iraq. Serangan ini disusuli pula oleh gelombang demi gelombang pengeboman ke atas Baghdad serta serangan udara dan darat ke dalam wilayah Iraq Selatan oleh tentera Amerika dan British. ...More